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11 Jun 2014

The 1975 'Girls' Music Video Remake - My Costume

Describe or list the specific costume/look you are aiming for
The costume of the bassist is fairly simple, consisting of a t-shirt, leather jacket, hooded jumper, skinny jeans, and pumps, all black. Props include a brown bass guitar with a white trim and a black, studded guitar strap.

A sample of my character's costume 

Do you have the items you need or are you planning to beg/borrow? Is there anything that may need to be bought?
I have everything on the checklist, except from the hooded jumper, leather jacket and shoes. These items are fairly easy to get hold of, and I will most likely borrow all of them. I may need to get some black skinny jeans, but luckily I've been meaning to buy some for myself so i'll do that in the near future. I assume that the guitar and strap will be provided. 

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