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NTLS Final Music Video

NTLS Final Music Video

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NTLS Final Digipak
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16 Oct 2014


For our group's animatic the structure was loosely based on the storyboard, with a few changes to the order of sections in the video. The annotations in the video explain the details of the sections in the video, but in summary the video consists of contrasting studio and archive footage. The studio footage contains a simple narrative where the two artists from NTLS are singing the song 'Heart Skipped A Beat' which reflects how they were previously in a relationship but have broken up and still need each other. The archive footage is of a couple who are supposed to be the two artists in the band NTLS and the narrative progresses through their relationship until they eventually break up.

After our teacher had watched the animatic, we received feedback from our teacher. The following notes are what we were advised to incorporate into our planning for the actual music video.


The artist's makeup must be unique and visually interesting due to the simplicity of the shots in the studio. This will make the shots less boring and will keep the audiences attention rather than them getting bored of the plainness of the shot.

"FKA TWIGS - Through Glass" is an example as her makeup
 makes her character stand out against the background
We decided that for the artists makeup we would stick with the theme of black and white and have a strip of face paint across the eyes, as this will make the characters less plain and more intriguing to the audience.

Narrative Section
With the feedback we received form our teachers, we agreed that the relationship between the couple outside of the studio must follow a more conventional structure to make the story clearer for the audience. To do this, we will have the relationship follow a three part structure. Firstly, the couple will be very in love and so they will be obviously happy and constantly proving their love for each other. As the relationship progresses they will be more comfortable around each other, so running, lifting each other up, laughing and sometimes relaxing. Eventually the relationship will break down. To make the break up more convincing for the audience, we have decided to have Louis' character get bored with the relationship and have him want to spend more time with his friends than Gina. The couple will seem less affectionate towards each other and Louis will begin to shrug Gina off to make the message clear visually.

Studio Performance
To have the performance work, the atmosphere in the studio has to be intense to contrast the narrative. The people must appear to be intrigued by one another but not sexually attracted to each other. This will make for them to appear to the audience like the two are admiring each other as pieces of art. The two will also move to the rhythm of the song as well which will make it a more visually interesting performance.

Editing Style
Using the theorist Carol Vanalys as inspiration, we will try to challenge the audiences expectations in terms of rhythm and style, cutting from one shot to the next unexpectedly or having the transitions to the beat of the music. For the narrative footage, we will try to make the sequence more dreamlike by maybe fading from one shot to the next. This will make it more like old footage compared to the paced and quick cuts for the studio shots.

Here is a rework of the animatic using the feedback we received.

  • Changed the order of some footage
  • Paris scenes removed
  • Snaps to the beat replaced by studio footage
  • Added London setting scenes (London Bridge, Ally Pally etc)

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