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NTLS Final Music Video

NTLS Final Music Video

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NTLS Final Digipak
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NTLS Final Website
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1 Oct 2014

Group Reseach - The Artist

After deciding on the track for the project "The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat", the process of creating an artist image around our previous decisions of audience, genre and style was relatively easy. Using the track as way to direct our ideas, the group decided that the duet between the woman and man in the song would be represented for the project by a two person collaborative artist called 'NtLS' (pronounced 'nettles'). The duo consist of a male and female artist, which we thought logical seeing as the song contains a male and female voice, who are unaccompanied by anyone else. We realised that there is a lack of mixed ethnicity artists in the charts, and even fewer male/female duos, which encouraged us to create an artist with a black female lead and white male.

Nico & Vinz
Complying with our choice of genre, NtLS produce music of the Alternative/Electronic and references of real artists that we feel are similar to them include AlunaGeorge, a male and female duo, and Nico & Vinz, a male duo.

We found their style similar to our intentions of artist image  and possible concepts of style for NtLS could be having the male band member wearing a shirt and jeans and the female band member wearing a grunge style outfit or alternative clothing, a generally smart casual look in both cases to make clear the Indie/Electronic image of the duo. There is also the possibility of obtaining a iconic band image by using face paint and tribal-inspired dots in the music video, but this idea has not been finalised with the group.

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