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16 Oct 2014

Production Meeting 24/09/14

Development from last meeting
‘Ghostpoet – Cash And Carry Me Home’ track vocals were distinctively a mature black male, and so we thought it would be better to not use it and play to the strengths of our group, rather than have to spend ages finding someone with enough experience who fit the description. No development with the Artist name or Record Label, and seeing as track has changed target audience will have to be re-evaluated too

Track shortlist #1
[1] Glass Animals – Holiest
[2] FKA Twigs – Video Girl

[1] Good track and lyrics are workable. Track is slow and repetitive. Boy and Girl so duet possible. 
[2] We had a very strong music video concept. Studio based music video, messing around with visuals and using interpretation of lyrics as reference. Track is very slow and repetitive. Hard to keep audience engagedwithout change

None of the tracks were finalised because of the issues with tempo and how engaging the track was.

Track Shortlist #2 
[1] Basement Jaxx – Good Luck
[2] The xx – Heart Skipped A Beat
[3] Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp
[4] Bad Idea – AlunaGeorge
[5] DJ Fresh – Gold Dust

[1] Female lead singer is good. We interpreted the track as the girl is singing about herself and a partner who cheats on her. The first couple times she takes him back or he’s just a cheat and she’s narrating the story of their relationship. HD bits are close ups of me in studio lip-syncing, VHS bits are him cheating on his girl (undercover footage / voyeur).

[2] Songs and intro are long. Similar idea as Basement Jaxx but this time the two people have broken up. The VHS shots are a narrative of the couple’s relationship. Lip sync of us alone in studio mouthing words like 'sometimes I still need you'. We considered using the studio as the foundation (solid lip syncing) and then outside as a narrative, possible break up at end of song. 4 people needed possibly, 2 for studio lip sync (girl and boy) and 2 for narrative (girl and boy). 

[3] The whole thing is concept video in the studio, lots of flashing images and jump cuts with quick reverses of shot, maybe some in slow motion (similar style to glitches with playback). ‘Sprinkles’ in the song we could use glitter or something in slow motion and make it look stylised. Glitter out of focus behind afigure it would catch the light really well if the shiny pieces were big enough and you'd get a shimmer effect. We also liked the idea of using mirror effect and hand / body movement to create a kaleidoscope image. In summary a studio based music video and lip-syncing with various arty visual concepts

[4] We had similar ideas to ‘3’, however you could play around more with the tempo and editing style. Further analysis of lyrics could uncover some ideas too. 

[5] This is more a track to fall back on. The lead singer is female and ideas from previous possible videos could be used (will go into detail if needed).

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