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NTLS Final Music Video

NTLS Final Music Video

NTLS Final Digipak

NTLS Final Digipak
NTLS Final Digipak [Right click to open larger image in new window]

NTLS Final Website

NTLS Final Website
NTLS Final Website [Right click on the image to open the website in a new window]


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20 Nov 2014

Studio Session 2 - 13th November

For this studio session, we organised the shoot so that by the end we had all of the shots of the NTLS band performance and could start to put together all the footage to finalise the studio part of our music video. We organised the group so by the time we were all free to film, everything in the studio had been set up and was ready as to make the most of our limited time in the studio. As we begun to film, we realised that we had overestimated the amount of time each shot was going to take, and finished with about an hour and a half to spare. To make use of this time, we thought that we would try and get a few shots we hadn't planned previously for mare variety, and also get some promo shots done along with shots needed for the album cover.

We took over 100 photos and 3 extra camera angles of the performance. The slideshow is a collection of the unedited photos.

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