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7 Dec 2014

Location Photography - Shoot And Review

Leaving these photography shots until quite late in the day, we hadn't accounted for how quickly it would get dark. Seeing as these photos were on location, this was quite a big issue for us. Nonetheless, we had a complete costume, a designated shoot location and had organised what the shots were going to look like so the only issue was choosing when to shoot them.

In order to prepare for the real shoot, we took the costumes to a forest area next to the school to do a few test shots. This was also to have an idea of how the background of the album and website would look.

On our first attempt, we began travelling to the location, and half of the way there we soon realised it was about to get dark. We made the decision to use a more local area, which we were able to reach a lot quicker. Once we were there we scouted the area and realised it was actually better than where we were travelling longer to get to, and quickly began to start shooting as it had begun to get dark. We had a external flash for the camera incase this scenario happened, however it was not much use seeing as the majority of shots we wanted to obtain were extreme long shots of the artists. We took the shots, and although they were dark, we planned on editing them in Adobe Photoshop to look brighter, so that the image was more visible. Changing the shutter speed was also ineffective, as the camera could not be kept still enough to obtain a sharp image.

Collecting the images and uploading them onto a larger screen (as opposed to the camera display), we quickly realised that the images would be way too dark to use for the album cover and website. Some of the shots were salvageable, but the majority were too dark to brighten, as when you did, they would produce a weird grain. The shots taken using the flash were also really unappealing, as most photos taken using flash, and so we decided not to use these either. We planned for another shoot day, one where we had day light and kit that would allow us to work in darker conditions if necessary.

Next shoot day, we left on time in full costume as to save time and got to the location where we set up the tripod and other equipment. Wary of time, we made the shoot very quick. Luckily, as we had planned the shoot for midday, there was enough light to not have to use the flash or tripod. The images for this shoot turned out exactly how we had originally planned them to be and we were even more pleased looking back at them on a larger screen when we later uploaded and edited them.
Here are a couple of photos from the shoot day:

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